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The Body

Many clients entering our program are suffering from debilitating physical problems after years of drug or alcohol abuse.  Part of this is due to the toxins in the body and the effect they have had on all major organs, and also partly due to poor eating habits and engaging in risky behavior that leads to physical harm.  Restoring good health through nutrition and exercise is a major component of our overall treatment protocol.

Body Fortification

The Body Best Drug Rehab

Prolonged substance abuse deprives the body of essential vitamins and minerals leaving the person with chronic fatigue, depression, and many diseases.  They also suffer lack of ambition and confidence.  When physical health is poor, mental health is compromised also.  We address this with a combination of  treatments along with physical therapy, massage, and strength building exercise.

Getting the body physically healthier can be accomplished with a daily routine of delicious, nutritious meals  to help restore vitality, strength, motivation, and confidence.  We provide a full exercise room with a physical trainer, plus clients can participate in acupuncture, massage therapy, and yoga or martial arts.  We know that when a person feels good physically, their mental state follows in the same direction, and our program is designed to give clients that advantage.

Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

Both of these relaxation techniques are included to help clients eliminate stress, reduce cravings, and become more focused on healing.  Removing stress also aids in reducing some of the physical and emotional problems suffered such as high blood pressure and agitation.  Another benefit of massage therapy is that it helps the body eliminate residual toxins, tones the muscles, and improves the skin.  These techniques are provided on an optional basis, but are highly recommended for each client.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation Services, our program places emphasis on improving physical health, emotional balance,  and spiritual clarity to provide a sense of empowerment for successful, long-term recovery.