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From Addict to Entrepreneur: Finding Your Success After Rehab

From Addict to Entrepreneur: Finding Your Success After Rehab

When an individual successfully completes a drug rehabilitation program there is a sense of accomplishment. The willpower and strength it took to start the program, the determination and lessons learned during your treatment and finally coming through to the other side sober and ready to start life anew. If you’re like many others who have just completed a drug rehabilitation program, you are ready to get back out there and get to work.

Many individuals in recovery choose to go back to school after rehab to further their education and create a broader spectrum of opportunity. For some, going back to school in sobriety can come along with fear and insecurities. Connect up with your support group and talk about your reservations. Someone in your support group may have already gone through the process of going back to school and can give you advice from study tips to how to avoid temptation from fellow classmates.

You don’t have to let your past drug history stand in the way of your educational and professional goals. According to a survey done in 2012 more than 23 million adults consider themselves to be in recovery from drugs or alcohol. That is 10% of the U.S. population. There are many success stories of drug addicts who find jobs and careers they enjoy after rehab.

Tips for Success

You don’t have to have luck or think up the next big computer app to find success. Success comes from hard work, motivation, and determination. Rediscover what you are interested in and play to your strengths and experience.

  • Don’t forget your Support Team. Recovery is an ongoing process and is not something you can fight on all your own.
  • Stay on top of your sobriety and take good care of yourself.
  • Get sufficient exercise, rest, and maintain a healthy diet. These three points do more good than many people realize for your physical and mental health.
  • Find new friends and network. Networking is an excellent way to find new contacts and job opportunities.
  • Explore your interests and gain new skills.
  • Put together your resume. Make sure it is up to date with your most recent job history and education level. If you need help, ask a friend or family member.
  • Know your rights. You have the law on your side. The federal Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit potential employers from discriminating against those with substance abuse disorders who are not currently using drugs.
  • Stay away from triggers. Avoid people and places that you were associated with prior to your rehabilitation.

How Can Reading Success Stories of Drug Addicts Be Helpful?

When reading recovery drug addict stories, one of the most important steps you see is to set goals for your future. What careers are you interested in? What do you want to accomplish? Determining your goals and aspirations can help put things in place and give your life some much-needed focus and direction. Reading about those who have already gone through the process and come out the other side successful can be very encouraging.

Now that you have won your battle with addiction and are ready to get back out there and gain your life back, the options are wide open for you. Whether you want to go back to school, jump into a career or even start your own business. The obstacles may seem overwhelming at times, but you have the strength and will to overcome them. You can do it. You can succeed. For inspirational drug rehab success stories, contact Best Drug Rehabilitation today and start on your path to recovery.

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