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Protestant study programs are inpatient center programs for individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. A Protestant study program is a religious program which strongly believes that  addiction can be overcome by means other than secular treatment.

Protestant Study Programs Heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Based on religious structure and principles, this center strongly believes that individuals addicted to alcohol or drugs can receive his or her freedom through the Holy Spirit. As religion is the focal point of such a goal, this center does not recommend any form of clinical treatment; therefore, medication is not prescribed. It does however, welcome the Holy Spirit to break the strong hold of alcohol and drugs.

At a Protestant study program, one of the first steps towards sobriety is the awareness of an addiction and the ability to communicate that with others. Once this step is completed, a religious message is used throughout the religious recovery program. The message is geared towards focusing on, believing in, and surrendering to the Holy Spirit. This  recovery program is beneficial because it will heal the mind, body, and spirit of each client. At this center, each client will learn how to connect to and communicate with the Holy Spirit through prayer. By doing so, this will help to increase the power of the Holy Spirit and decrease the power and dependency of the addiction.

Begin Your Road to Recovery at a Protestant Study Program

As a religious drug recovery program, Protestant study programs learn about each client individually. By doing so, this allows Protestant studies to better address the needs and concerns of each client along his or her road to recovery.