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Cocaine Detox

Detox is the first step towards an individual recovering from cocaine addiction. Cocaine detox is the physical process of cleansing an individual’s body of cocaine and other byproducts cocaine contains. Cocaine detox, like every other detox process, is a very dangerous process and must be performed and closely monitored by trained professionals and physicians.

Detox Treatment

Cocaine Detox TreatmentCocaine detox does not have to be performed in a medical facility, but cocaine detox must still be monitored closely by a physician or trained professional. It has also been proven that cocaine detox performed in a medical facility versus an at-home detox treatment provides a much more successful recovery for that individual.

If an individual were to stop using cocaine suddenly after having an addiction to it, he or she may go through very severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be very dangerous, and if not monitored closely can even be deadly. Detox is not only a physical process, but also an emotional and spiritual process.

Detox is an Important Step in the Recovery Process

A cocaine addiction affects every aspect of the addict’s life. For this reason, the individual not only needs detox, but also needs emotional support during this difficult process. He or she needs to understand exactly what¬†their body will go through during detox and how they are going to feel and what is going to happen during and after the detox process.

For more information on our detox programs, please call one of our highly skilled professionals today.