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Detox helps with regaining physical health which is priority one at Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment centers. After years of drug and alcohol abuse, the first step on the road to recovery is detoxification.

Upon entry to the Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment program, the client is evaluated. If cessation of the drug or alcohol does not require medical supervision, the withdrawal process begins immediately. If necessary, the client will be transferred to the medical detox unit of Best Drug Rehabilitation.

One of Best Drug Rehab’s Detox Facilities

During body drug detox, medically supervised or otherwise, Best Drug Rehabilitation provides around-the-clock supervision by trained nurses and withdrawal specialists. Each client must meet the following three criteria before starting the rehab program at our primary treatment facility:

  • No longer under the influence of any mood-altering substance
  • In no immediate medical danger as a result of drug use and withdrawal
  • No longer suffering from any major withdrawal symptoms

Best Drug Rehabilitation Works to Restore Health

In primary care, detoxification continues at Best Drug Rehabilitation through proper diet and exercise with a physical trainer, as well as voluntary physical treatment which includes massage and acupuncture.  Our professionals see firsthand the debilitating effects suffered by clients after years of substance abuse. From liver disease for alcoholics, to Hepatitis C for heroin addicts, an addict’s body has taken a beating. However, a decision to refrain from drinking or using drugs is not enough to restore health. Proactive steps must be taken through proper nutrition, getting enough sleep and exercise, and restoring one’s health, and helping their body heal.

Clients in Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment programs are encouraged to take advantage of a nutritional  program and a fully-equipped exercise room with a physical trainer available to them. Certified massage therapists and acupuncturists are also scheduled weekly, and rehab clients are again urged to explore the benefits of these services.

Withdrawal is at best an uncomfortable experience, and at its worst can be very painful. However, there are many ways the medical staff and experienced counselors at Best Drug Rehabilitation can help an addict cope and manage in order to successfully complete the withdrawal process. Once an addict is physically free of the drug, the true process of returning to life can begin.