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Counseling is an important aspect in the recovery process, and at Best Drug Rehabilitation Services we place great emphasis on the mind’s health.  In order to maximize the chance for long term recovery, working on body, mind, and spirit collectively can bring a sense of empowerment lacking in other recovery systems that only focus on one area.

We offer the following types of counseling:

Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Guided by addiction counselors, group counseling helps the client to discover areas of their recovery that might be otherwise missed. Learning about solutions and methods used by others can be a helpful tool for recovering addicts to utilize as they attempt to reintegrate into society.  The encouragement and support offered by their peers is of utmost importance in the recovery process.  Clients can discuss their daily struggles and fears as they walk down this path together.  No one has to travel this path alone.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Other than group therapy, we have one-on one-counseling, also known as individual counseling. The  drug addiction counselors in our facility have a variety of different backgrounds in  addiction treatment.  Some  have a focus on 12-step; others are Christian faith-based, and  some are Native American.  We offer other faith-based counseling at various times throughout the client’s addiction treatment program.  The one-on-one counseling can help the client get to the underlying causes of their addiction.

When possible, we also offer family counseling.  The client will need the forgiveness and support of their family after leaving our facility and returning home to their day to day activities.  To learn more about our different forms of counseling, please contact one of our highly skilled professionals today.