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Best Drug Rehabilitation Recovery Phases

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Treatment PhasesBest Drug Rehabilitation provides clients with a highly effective approach for residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  We believe one can be rehabilitated through successful treatment of mind, body, and spirit, and that empowerment comes through choice. In order to successfully recover from addiction, every client needs to find the best recovery path for their unique needs and preferences. Our program offers different options such as holistic, cognitive, self-help, faith-based, and indigenous treatment for our clients. Best Drug Rehabilitation lets clients choose the recovery path that is best for them, and this creates much higher success rates than other treatment options.

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Program Phases

Phase One: Best Drug Rehabilitation Program: Withdrawal and Detox

The beginning phase of the Best Drug Rehabilitation Program is a professionally supervised withdrawal and detox process. The withdrawal and detoxification process takes place in the detox clinic. During this phase, detox treatment is customized according to the client’s personal and medical needs. The detox clinic is supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a team of highly trained detox treatment specialists and nurses. The detox process involves nutrition therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, chiropractic therapy, and other practices and exercises. Vitamins and withdrawal formulas are also given to clients to help during the withdrawal and detox process. After evaluation proves the client is not suffering from any major drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, he or she is ready to begin the next phase, Orientation to the Best Drug Rehabilitation Program.

Phase Two: Orientation to the Best Drug Rehabilitation Program

The next phase of the Best Drug Rehabilitation Program is when the client meets a member of the staff and begins a full assessment. This assessment is performed in order to provide the best opportunity for a successful recovery for clients, while informing clients of their duties and responsibilities. The Best Drug Rehabilitation Ethics Officers enforce the Client Rules of Conduct which maintains discipline, responsibility, and accountability within the facility. During the Orientation to the Best Drug Rehabilitation Program phase, clients learn the conduct rules, are given their room assignments, and are taken on a facility tour. The case managers will meet with the client and assign each client with a counselor. The client will meet with this counselor on a weekly basis during their stay for individual counseling services.

Best Drug Rehabilitation phases

Phase Three: The Best Drug Rehabilitation Track Modalities

Best Drug Rehabilitation Program offers five modalities for clients to choose the best method of treatment for their situation and needs. These tracks are Self-Help Enhancement,  Faith-Based,  Holistic, Indigenous, and One-on-One therapy.

  • Self-Help Enhancement Track: This track is best for clients who have interest in a support group or other motivating recovery groups. Those who choose this track will be involved in meetings, lectures, and meditation.
  • Faith-Based Track: This track is best for clients who want their path to recovery to be guided by their religious/spiritual beliefs or practices. Clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation who choose the Faith-Based Track will attend religious services and meetings. Clients can also choose to include Bible studies, religious counseling, and many other options.
  • Holistic Track: This track is best for clients who want to win the battle over addiction through self empowerment. Treatment options include martial arts, meditating, yoga, acupuncture therapy, reiki, and many others.
  • Indigenous Track: This track is best for clients who choose to focus their recovery around the teachings developed by White Bison. These recovery methods were created to help clients successfully recover from addiction.
  • One-on-One Track: This track can offer personalized treatment for the client and individual counseling that can help the addict find recovery from the addiction that has been plaguing their life.

Phase Four: Recovery Maintenance at Best Drug Rehabilitation

This phase of recovery deals with making a plan for relapse prevention that deals with recognizing and developing a solution to potential scenarios and situations that could cause a person to turn back to old habits. Recovery maintenance is important because a person needs to know how to handle certain situations in order to ensure their recovery is a lasting one. Next is Phase Seven, Aftercare.

Phase Five: The Aftercare Program at Best Drug Rehabilitation

The aftercare program at Best Drug Rehabilitation helps the client map out their plan for life after graduating from treatment. Our team of specialists answers all the concerns of the client and provide useful information such as living arrangements, job seeking, government aid and benefits, educational options, and many others. The main purpose of this phase is to help with the transition from the facility back into society.

Phase Six: Graduation

The graduation ceremony invites family and loved ones of the clients to offer their support and encouragement. The client will also receive a certification for completing the treatment program.

Phase Seven: Aftercare and Follow-up Services

The final phase provides aftercare and follow-up services for the clients. Graduated clients are called daily for the first two weeks, then weekly calls are made for the following four weeks. Monthly calls are made to clients for the rest of the year following graduation. If necessary, clients can be placed on daily calling lists. This will help anyone who may be struggling, as well as the aftercare and follow-up services that are made readily accessible for any graduated clients.


Call for more information on the Best Drug Rehabilitation phases and to find out how you or your loved one can put an end to addiction.