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Are Gender Specific Rehabs More Successful Than Traditional Rehabs

Are Gender Specific Rehabs More Successful Than Traditional Rehabs

Treatment and recovery can both be extremely personal things. Each person may require different things or different types of treatment for them to have the best chance at long-term sobriety. This can also vary between genders as well. Depending on the person, they may have more success in attending treatment or recovery groups that are specific to their gender.

How Gender Specific Rehabs Can Be Beneficial

For women, there is the issue of being harassed or preyed upon by men within co-ed rehabs. While this is not always the case, it is enough of an issue that gender specific rehabs can often be better choices for many women. There is even the colloquial term of the 13th step, which is when men in 12 step groups will prey on women newly in recovery who are attending meetings. When a woman attends a gender specific rehab, it allows them to focus purely on their recovery without being solicited, or approached sexually. This situation can also be compounded if the woman has a history in which she was sexually abused, or raped. In which case being around many men who could potentially remind her of that moment would make treatment difficult.

Typically, when it comes to communication, each gender finds it easier to talk to their respective gender. Or while they may be able to lightly chit chat with the opposite sex, they may find it difficult or hard to confront opening up or discussing deep-seated struggles with the opposite gender.

Some individuals may feel the need and desire to impress upon the opposite sex, whether they realize it or not. And whether a person is doing this consciously or not, it can often distract from treatment. Relationships formed within treatment often can end up dangerous to a person’s recovery. Treatment and recovery can require a lot of attention and effort, and it is important that a person focuses and puts their all into these things.

There is also the factor that each gender can face different difficulties or barriers with addiction. For example, women tend to be less likely to seek treatment or face more barriers to receiving treatment than men do.  But gender specific programs could potentially make them more willing to seek treatment.

While mixed treatment may be completely fine for many, gender specific rehabs could help those outliers who struggle with typical co-ed.  It could allow them to receive much more focused and dedicated treatment than other facilities may be able to offer. Whatever the case may be, it is important that individuals attend a treatment center that will be the most comfortable and ideal for their recovery. In the end, a large portion of the benefits received from treatment will depend upon the type of therapy, treatment or counseling that the person is receiving as well. Once a person is released from formal treatment, these gender difficulties could arise in further support groups as well. If an individual still finds gender specific treatment the most ideal for them, there are 12 step and other support groups that are gender specific.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Rises Above the Rest

The treatment of addiction is something which needs to be extremely comprehensive. Many centers simply treat addiction as a one size fits all condition, but that often proves to be quite unsuccessful. Best Drug Rehabilitation focuses on treating each person as an individual. This premise allows us to craft a particular program for each person that address their surface addiction, along with any underlying difficulties and issues of it. We help thousands to overcome their addiction every single year and can do the same for you or your loved one. Do not wait, give us a call today.

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