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Amphetamine vs. Methamphetamine: Different Drugs, Same Danger

Amphetamine vs. Methamphetamine: Different Drugs, Same Danger

Some substances can share common traits, but also have their own dangerous potential, which is the case with amphetamine and methamphetamine (also called meth). While their names are very close, and they do have similarities, the reality is that they are two very different substances. While both of them share a common chemical base, their production and the processes they go through make them significantly different in several ways.

What are Amphetamines?

Amphetamines are quite commonly used within the medical realm for several purposes, as there are many medications that contain amphetamines within them. An amphetamine is essentially a psychostimulant that produces a variety of effects, including increasing metabolism, which is used for weight loss purposes.  They are also shown to increase focus and mental clarity, and because of this, have been used to treat conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine, on the other hand, has no medical purpose and is rather only used for recreational purposes.  The major chemical difference is that methamphetamine has been methylated twice, though the science behind it is not necessarily important to understand the difference.  Essentially, this process makes methamphetamine more potent, faster-acting, and more addictive than its counterpart.

How Methamphetamines and Amphetamines are Similar

While there are differences, both of these substances can be extremely dangerous and potentially addictive. But as mentioned above, amphetamine can serve a medical purpose when used properly, whereas meth cannot. Both of these substances can bring about effects like energy surges, restlessness, insomnia, increased heart rate, and much more. It is important to remember that even medications created from amphetamines can produce these effects, and they can be misused.

Dependency and Addiction

An individual can easily begin to build a tolerance to either of these substances.  As they continue to use the substance, their body gets used to it, and it then begins to require larger amounts to produce the same effects as before. They may also develop a physiological dependency and can experience hellacious withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to discontinue use.  A person can potentially develop an addiction to either of them as well, which can require treatment to overcome.  When attempting to come off of either of these substances, it is best to attend a proper detox center or be under the care of a doctor.  This way, the person can be properly and safely detoxed, and will also be monitored in the event that any adverse health issues arise.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help With Drug or Alcohol Addiction

There are people struggling with various addictions all across the country, and many of them may require treatment to be able to overcome it. Best Drug Rehabilitation is here to help those struggling to break free of their addiction. Our program basis is unique compared to many other centers, being that we craft a customized treatment regimen for each person that is admitted into our facility.  We know that addiction is unique to every person, and there is no one-size-fits-all way to treat it. Our approach allows all sides of a person’s addiction to be addressed, which gives them the best chance at breaking free of this hellacious condition and achieving long-term sobriety.  Give us a call today at 1-866-884-3240, and one of our staff members will answer any questions that you may have about our program.

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