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Alcohol Abuse Facts

Facts about alcohol abuse are given in order to help alcoholics and their loved ones be aware of the fatal side effects of alcohol.  Abuse of alcohol occurs when a person uses alcohol in a risky situation or if he or she does things such as binge drinking, weekend-long partying, and drinking as a way to escape life.

Alcohol abuse is not something to take lightly; it is a drug and has many of the same effects that drugs do on a person and their mind.  Best Drug Rehabilitation offers help to those individuals who have become addicted to alcohol and are facing possible life-threatening side effects due to alcohol abuse.

Some Facts That Many Are Unaware Of:

Alcohol Abuse Facts and Statistics

  • Alcohol abuse is reported to cause globally over 1.8 million deaths every year due only to over- consumption.  This number does not include the millions more people who die from other alcohol abuse related events such as driving while under the influence.
  • Alcohol abuse begins in children as early as the age of ten causing them higher risks of obtaining sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, liver and kidney problems, heart failure, and death due to over- consumption and misuse.
  • Alcohol abuse does contribute to heart disease, brain damage, kidney and liver failure, and respiratory arrest.
  • 28 percent of all college dropouts have been reported to have problems with alcohol abuse.
  • 80 percent of domestic violence incidents have been attributed to drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Heart disease and cancer are known to come from alcohol abuse.  These problems kill over 100,000 Americans every single year.
  • Over 60 percent of college girls have contracted a sexually transmitted disease while dealing with alcohol abuse.
  • 50 percent of suicides in America are attributed to alcohol abuse.

Alcohol-related problems are sweeping the nation and taking millions of people’s lives before they are able to actually live their lives.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You Recover From Alcohol Abuse

Best Drug Rehabilitation can help you recover from alcohol abuse. If you are interested in learning more about alcohol abuse treatment or to get help for your alcohol abuse problem, contact Best Drug Rehabilitation.