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Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery ProgramsAddiction recovery is the best solution to overcome addiction. Encarta World Dictionary defines recovery as “the regaining of something that was lost or taken away”  and this definition appropriately applies to those who attempt addiction recovery.  Lost self-esteem, physical health, and emotional well-being must be regained, and addiction recovery actually becomes a personal journey, not just a clinical term.

The Journey of Recovery

Addiction recovery is much more than just consciously choosing to abstain from substances of abuse.  This stigma about addiction is entirely incorrect because drugs have become increasingly more powerful and addictive, and an addict can suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms if the drugs are withheld.  The addict is then forced to take more of the drugs simply to avoid these intense physical side effects.

Many of the prescription drugs and street drugs today contain opiates which are among the most powerful chemicals a person can put in their body.  These chemicals create changes in the way the brain processes pleasure and pain to produce euphoria.  As the person takes more and more of the drugs, their tolerance level rises and they are now in danger of developing severe addiction, or even overdose.

In most cases, addiction is not intentional.  Many addicts started out experimenting with drugs due to peer pressure for recreational use, or they were using prescription medications for chronic illness and developed dependency which then led to addiction.  Addiction specialists of today realize that there is much more to addiction than just the physical dependency, and they know how to address the other factors that play a role in the addict’s desire to use drugs such as emotional problems, physical health issues, family dysfunction, or financial distress.

Recovery Programs

Recovery programs at professional residential facilities will help an individual restore lost self-esteem, learn how to function in daily situations without drugs, and how to effectively avoid situations that could lead to relapse.

Whatever the reasons for addiction, the good news is that addiction recovery is possible with proper treatment in a residential rehabilitation program.