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Addiction Help Addiction is the uncontrollable need for drugs or alcohol which develops over time. Continued use or misuse of drugs and alcohol have adverse effects on the user. People who are addicted cannot control their need regardless of the negative consequences to their health or family. As the addiction develops into a more serious state, the illness can become harder to treat. The risk of addiction-related health problems can increase. The possibility of withdrawal from social interaction, marital problems, job instability, and legal issues are always some of the unfortunate problems of addiction. With counseling and support these issues can be addressed in rehabilitation.

The Progression of the Addiction

Drug or alcohol abuse usually starts as occasional use, sometimes in social settings or due to an illness that requires addictive medication. Experimental use in teens is a problem on the rise in the United States due to social pressure or depression. The progression of the addiction is determined by the frequency and amount of the substance abuse; the need for more and more develops gradually. Due to continued abuse, chemical changes will eventually affect the brain. Once this occurs, the user no longer has control of the need for the substance. When the drug or alcohol is gradually absent from the system, the brain will signal the craving for more. This starts the continued progression of the abuse which will eventually require rehabilitation to recover.

Addicts may find themselves trying different legal or illegal ways to acquire more of the substance to sustain their addiction. Visiting multiple physicians about similar ailments to ask for prescription medication, theft of friends’ or family members’ medication, and sometimes illegal street drugs are tried. Some users will also mix drugs and alcohol to get a more noticeable effect of the drug.

Begin Your Recovery From Addiction

There are many treatment options available for any type of substance abuse. Starting treatment as soon as possible can help the addict regain control of their life. Addiction is treatable and with support from family, friends, and an excellent treatment program, help is never far away.